To provide excellent support to our valuable customers, Euro Suisse has its network of independently operated member companies in 18 countries all over the world.


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Binatone Ukraine

Binatone has been present in Ukraine for many years and sells a wide range of products all of wich have been tailored to the local market.

Binatone Russia

Binatone has a large and well established presence in Russia. In addition to headquarters in Moscow, the company has regional offices in St Petersburg, Ekaaterinburg and Vladivostok.

Binatone Kazakhstan

To meet the needs of the local market Binatone has operated a ocal office in Kazakhstan for many years.

Binatone Middle East

Binatone has offices in Dubai and a bonded warehouse facility Jebel Ali to serve the Middle Eastern market.

Binatone Ghana

Binatone has a thriving business in Ghana and to support this has offices, warehouse and service facilities in Accra. Our product range is tailored to meet the specific needs of the Ghanian market.

Binatone Nigeria

Binatone has operated in Nigeria for many years and is a recognised household brand name there with a reputation for quality and value. In addition to extensive facilities in Lagos the company also has regional sales offices throughout Nigeria.

Binatone India

Binatone has operated in India for many years and has offices in New Delhi.

Eurosuisse Uk

Euro Suisse has an administrative office in Essex in the UK

Eurosuisse Hong Kong

The Euro Suisse Headquarters are based in Admiralty on Hong Kong Island. From here we work with our member companies to bring only the very best products to market. This strategic location allows us to stay close to developments in the worlds' manufacturing hub and fosters an environment of enterprise and innovation.

Eurosuisse Shenzhen

Our Engineering and Quality control teams are based in our offices in Shenzhen. From here they can work closely with our suppliers to ensure that our product dreams become reality.


In keeping with it's core beliefs Freeplays offices are one of London's most sustainable new developments.


Freeplay's R&D centre has been based in Capetown for over 18 years and continues to this day to develop innovative alternative energy products for off grid and on - grid users.


Magicbox has its headquarters in Greenwich in London, England. From here it creates the innovative products which have helped it to estblish a reputation for forward thinking and originality.